Steps for Changing Xfinity WiFi user Name

Sometimes we need to change the user name for our account which can be due to any reason. If we talk about the changing of the user name of the Xfinity wifi user name  then it is quite difficult for the users of the Xfinity users.

Today from this blog they can get the complete list of the steps that will help them in changing the Xfinity wifi user name for your xfinity wifi login info. So, check for the steps that are discussed below.

Steps for Changing Xfinity WiFi user Name

Step 1: Open any of your browser which may be anyone like Google Chrome, internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox and signin to your account .

Step 2: After successfully signin to your account, just move to the option for the users on xfinity wifi login info which is displaying on the top of your web page.

Step 3: Make the selection of the user name for which you want to change the user name of. One thing that you must keep in your mind is that only the primary users can change the user name of their account.

xfinity hotspot login

Step 4: On the page of the user page, click on the option of edit which is displaying to you on the right of your current user name.

Step 5: Just enter the details of the user name that you want to set. After entering the details of the user name, you will be asked to enter the details of the password which will verify your account. After that click on the option of the update user name.

xfinity wifi app

Step 6: After this you will receive the confirmation message saying to that you have successfully changed your username.

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We believe that all the information provided to you is very helpful to you in changing the user name for your account.


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