Some Common Things to Know About Xfinity WiFi Account

If you are instating advance Xfinity account and having wifi connectivity then you will need to make sure that you have some basic information about Xfinity account.

Here are the Basic Details for Xfinity WiFi Account

  • If you need to find Xfinity hotspot from your device then you will need to make sure that you can easily search for the SSID or network name that is “xfinitywifi”. This default SSID name can also be changed any time so you can have secure wifi connections for your device.
  • You can have a dedicated guest account for your Xfinity guest users. You will need to access Xfinity login page using http:// web address.

  • You can also install advance Xfinity application for your Apple and Android devices. Both these devices will allow you to have all configurations from your smart phone.
  • If you need to add new users to your Xfinity account then this will be possible from application that you have just installed to your account.

  • You can use private Xfinity account when you are at your work place and we will recommend you that you can switch your account to Xfinity wifi when you are not at your home or you are visiting to your relatives.
  • If you want to have user changes, login user name and password changes or you want to update your email address, you will need to install infinity wifi application for your network.

These are the tricks that you have to know about using Xfinity wifi connections for your home network.

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