Port Forwarding on the Xfinity Wireless Gateway

Port forwarding is an advanced mechanism on our wireless gateway to direct specified incoming Internet traffic to a wireless device. This can be of much utility for video streaming, online games, file sharing. Port forwarding on the Xfinity Wireless Gateway enables you for such facilities. Explore more about Xfinity configuration and uses from wifi.xfinity.com portal.

This article is dedicated for setting up Port Forwarding in Xfinity xFi. Xfinity xFi helps in setting up port forwards and even manage other home network settings from anywhere having an Internet connection.

Steps for Port Forwarding on the Xfinity Wireless Gateway

  • Enter in the URL bar of a browser using a device that is connected to your network.
  • Now provide admin credentials to login to Admin tool. Use admin as username and enter password in Password field (unless you changed it).
  • Navigate to the left pane and select the Advanced menu, and then click Port Forwarding.
  • Select Enable. This will turn the button green.
  • Now click +ADD SERVICE in the Port Forwarding box to open the Add Service page.
  • Using the Common Service drop-down menu, you can select an appropriate option (FTP, AIM, HTTP, PPTP).

xfinity login wifi

When you select one of these options, it will populate the start and end ports below the Common Service field. If service is not listed, select Other and then type Service Name in the provided field.

  • Now select the Service Type. The Service Type is the protocol that will be used for sending data over the Internet. The default service type is TCP/UDP.

xfinity wifi login page

  • Now select the device on your network by clicking CONNECTED DEVICE. This populates these fields for the IPv4 Address or IPv6 Address fields. If CONNECTED DEVICE button is not appearing on the page then :
    • Follow step 1 and 2 and navigate to Connected Devices > Devices. Click the device name for which you want to add the port forwarding.
    • Now under online devices you can get the IP address, copy this.
    • Now return to previous window and paste the IP. If required you can enter the port number for the service for which you need to add port forwarding.
  • Click Save to complete the process. You have successfully created a port forwarding rule on your home network.


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