How to handle Bridge mode for Xfinity device

Use your router in bridge mode connect multiple devices the faster speed if you want this you need two wifi routers on one setup as a router and another setup in bridge mode.

Install your router as bridge offers of following benefits:

  1. The advantage of gigabit Wi-Fi speeds on devices.
  2. Gigabit Wi-Fi for application streaming video and gaming by using Xfinity wifi login.
  3. With this device, you will be able to connect your multiple devices like smart TV, Blu-ray player, NAS at gigabit wifi speed using wifi link.
  4. Here you avoid separate wifi adapters for each device.

Enabling bridge mode notdisable Xfinity Wifi home hotspot feature, if wirelessgateway has enabled with Xfinity Wifi home hotspot feature.

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You can install the first router in the room where internet connection is located, setup  second router in bridge mode place in different room such the room where home entertainment centre is located here you use ethernet cables toXfinity wifi log in connect router in bridge to smart TV, game console, DVR and another device, WI-FI connection  between two routers device with wired connection take advantage of faster speed  then natively support.

Bridge mode ON and OFF:

There are two pieces of equipment are required to connect to the internet and Wi-Fi network.

  1. The modem connects your home internet service provider network and router connects your wired and wireless device to the modem.
  2. The technology of Wireless gateway modem of Xfinity helps the router to make the network fastest, equipment, most reliable in-homeWifi to all rooms.
  3. Open a web browser and go to admin tool Xfinity wifi login, make sure that device must be connected to the gateway with an ethernet cable.

go 365 login

4.Here enter your default username and password, the username is admin and password is password.

portal 365 sign in

  1. Then select gateway then at a glance.
  2. Here next to bridge mode tap enable.
  3. Here message appears stating WARNING enablingXfinity wifi log in bridge mode will disable the router of the gateway.
  4. Use your gateway router capacities in future log admin tool then at a glance set bridge mode to disable.

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Follow these to turn ON or OFF  your bridge mode make sure that these equipment are required to connect to internet and wifi network in your home.

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