Bridge Mode Settings for Xfinity Devices

Bridge mode settings are used when you want to get wifi connections for a long range. You can easily configure your router and modem device in bridge mode and all steps are explain in this article. Using Xfinity login page you can manage these bridge mode configurations for your devices and get your required configurations.

xfinity login wifi

Here are the Steps to Manage the Bridge Mode for Xfinity Devices 

  1. First you will need to connect your device with Xfinity wifi access.
  2. Open web browser and access Xfinity login page from your computer. You can use http:// IP for accessing your device login page.
  3. You will need to fill the login user name and password. You can use “Admin” as user name and “password” as password access.
  4. From the setup page, you can select “Gateway” tab.
  5. After that select “At a Glance” option.
  6. Enable the bridge mode for your Xfinity devices.
  7. You will get a warning at your computer screen and click on “OK” button.

xfinity wifi login page

These are the steps to enable the bridge mode for your Xfinity devices. You can easily disable your bridge mode any time by following the same steps that are explained in above steps.

In most of the cases, you will not get any kind of issues with Xfinity bridge mode but if you are facing some wifi problems, you will need to disable this mode for your devices and then you can change the basic settings for your router and modem. Make sure that your wifi router and modem devices have accurate wifi settings and make sure individually they are working accurately.

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